You may wonder why you should have your thermostat installed by a professional. When a thermostat is installed incorrectly or isn’t level, it may not work properly. So, a correctly installed thermostat is the first step to meeting the comfort needs of your family.

We also replace thermostats of all types! 


Types of thermostats we install:

  • Mechanical

  • Digital

  • Programmable

  • Wireless Learning

  • Communicating

  • Learning

Thermostat FAQs


What is the function of a thermostat in an air conditioner?

A thermostat is designed to regulate the temperature by adjusting the air flow from the system. There are various types of thermostats, some of which change the temperature according to your habits, and others you control manually.


How do I know if my house’s thermostat is bad?

When the thermostat no longer regulates the temperature correctly, it might be broken. It might also be dirty, have a loose wire, need new batteries, or something else. If your system won’t shut off or turn on, or if it doesn’t respond when you try to change the temperature, you may need to have the thermostat replaced.


What temperature should I set my Thermostat?

Everyone has different comfort needs. Also, some homes have ceiling fans, excellent insulation, tree plantings, and other circumstances which affect the way the house ‘feels’ regardless of the number on the thermostat. The best thing to do is to experiment until you find a temperature which is usually comfortable. Then, for the sake of economy, you may wish to turn it down just a little bit in winter, and up a little bit in summer.