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AC systems we install and replace:

Central air conditioners


When you need air conditioning installation and replacement services in the Tampa area, you need a contractor who specializes in heating and cooling. Call CMB Air! We will provide the best solution possible. Why pay money for a less efficient system, or one that can't handle the load or breaks down frequently?

We match our reputation for fast service and professional integrity with the quality brands we offer such as Air on Demand and Daikin.

Let us help you choose the best system for your needs. Call us today!


Mini-split air conditioners

CMB Air offers professional installation for air conditioning mini split systems in all residential and commercial buildings. The mini split system can be a solution to unusual situations. and how you can save time and money compared to central air conditioning systems.

The main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling for individual rooms. Insulation and load requirement will determine the number of air handling units, which can range from one to four units connected to one outdoor unit. Each of the zones will have a thermostat, which provides for better control, saving energy and money.



Airflow through the home or business is conducted through the ductwork. As vast volumes of air move from the A/C unit or air handler to the vents, it's essential that ductwork remains undamaged.

If damage occurs, a sudden surge in electrical costs or a low air flow can be the only indicators that there is a ductwork issue. CMB Air can handle problems and repairs to ductwork so the system will remain at peak efficiency.


New AC Installation FAQs:


How long does it take to install a new air conditioner unit?

Ideally, installing a new air conditioning unit should take less than a day. In some cases, it will take much less. In others, it will take a little more. Since each situation is unique, results vary.


How do I know it’s time for a new air conditioner?

When the cost of repairs and operation exceed the cost of purchasing a new one, it’s time to consider replacing the old unit.


Can I replace my outdoor unit without replacing the indoor unit?

The short answer is ‘yes.’ The longer answer is, ‘you don’t want to do that.’ There are exceptions, such as if your compressor is still under warranty or if you’re flat broke and don’t have another option. But, replacing the whole unit will provide you with a better overall price, the potential for rebates for which you wouldn’t otherwise be eligible, and a lower cost of operation. In other words, it will pay for itself in short order. We still realize there is real life to consider, but we always advise complete replacement if at all possible. It’s just a better value for the money.


Will a new air conditioner save me money?

A new air conditioner will save you a startling amount of money, especially if you had an old unit. The newer systems are much more efficient than those of even just a few years ago.